We have a published author here at Southern…

AJ otherwise known as Paul – the self acclaimed ‘allotment junkie’. Visit AJ’s website at www.allotmentjunkie.com if you’re interested in his latest book ‘Lost the Plot’…


“A stunningly presented and passionately written narrative which will both enthuse and inspire beginners and provide a fresh perspective for seasoned growers. As a keen ‘allotmenteer’, I enjoyed the rare glimpse into the toils of achieving a perfect plot:  from the initial mammoth task of hacking bramble thickets as dense as the amazonian jungle, to the joy of harvesting your first crop (of often weirdly shaped veg) and finally the contentment of providing an organic alternative for your family. ‘Lost the Plot’ is packed full of exquisite photographs, constructive advice, positive reflection and enthusiastic ambition.”

Chris – Committee Chair, Southern Allotments Manchester.

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