Martin’s Diary

Here we are at the start of a new gardening year with a lot to think about and even more to do.
This is the time to make plans for the year and work out what we want to do.
As always I have a lot of ideas for the allotment, some will get done and some may not, only time will tell.

1 To dig out the plant bed between the two tunnels
2 Make a pond in the new bed
3 Rebuild the chicken run, to enable me to stand up in it!

1 Tidy up the strawberry bed near the road.
2 Plant up the fruit cage.
3 Move the two small green tunnels onto the strip of land next to the tunnel

Now back to the present, what have I done this week.
My seed potatoes have arrived and most have been put into seed trays on the bedroom window sill to sprout. The other bag of earlies are in 5 rows in the big tunnel.
I have planted the apricot that arrived just after new Year in the tunnel and the cherry is now planted against the shed.

The carrot beds in both tunnels have been cleared of the odds and sods left in ready to be dug in preparation for the next crops

I have finished the leeks in the tunnel and will have to start on the outside ones soon. I am still picking sprouts from inside and digging parsnips for the beds outside.

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