Beginners Allotment course

Hello fellow plot holders!

Just a quick message to tell you about a new course that Trafford College will be running at Southern Allotments from 26th April – 24th May 17, 13.30 – 15.30pm.

The course has been created to help engage potential new plot holders and support them onto their first nursery plot, the ideal outcome being that individuals or a collective group take on one of the vacant plots with some reassuring support from everyone.

The course is funded by the Skills Funding Agency and costs £50 for those who can afford to pay and is funded fully for those who are on certain benefits, so if you know someone who’s thinking about taking up an allotment or indeed, just wants to learn something new, please promote so more people can benefit from this wonderful society of ours.  We have a a great tutor delivering this course – Liz Cole, Liz is a local and trained RHS tutor and has worked for the college for many years and who inspires learning. She has delivered courses throughout Trafford and currently works with the Whitworth Art Gallery and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  We hope that this is the first course of many and that we can expand our learning provision so that all society members can benefit and make our plots even better. Who knows, your plot might be featured on the course as a model of success!

Please click here for more information or come and see me on plot 81 (The guy near the gate with the greenhouse)

Happy growing!


Craig, Plot 81










Martins Diary 10/3/17

It’s a few weeks since I wrote the last entry, I will have to get better.

The weather has been quite mild for this time of year so plants are growing well, including the weeds. I have made a start on weeding a few areas of the plot, first off was the garlic planted last October. After a slow start it is growing well and needed weeding and feeding to keep the growth going.

The next area to be weeded was the small flower bed behind the strawberries, this now needs cultivating and is ready for the season.

I have finished digging where the green tunnel was, what a job that was. The soil was well compacted form several years of walking in it and it was full of perennial roots of mares tail, bindweed and nettle.

I have been clearing out the remains of last years root beds in the tunnels and outside and digging them over for this year. I have emptied one of the leek beds and that is now dug.

The Brassicas, onions and leeks that I sowed in January are transplanted into modules and are growing well. The beetroot and carrots that I sowed in the tunnel three weeks ago are just starting to show through the soil. The new growing year is going well!

I am still harvesting leeks, parsnips, sprouts from last years sowing, and have cut the first broccoli that was planted in the tunnel last September.

The Apricot I planted this year in the big tunnel has started flowering (they need pollinating with a paint brush) and the Nectarine I planted last year is full of flower, more paint brush work!

That’s all for now, hopefully more next week.