2015 Events Calendar


Summer BBQ and get together – Sunday, 28 June.  Bring your own sausages/burgers, we provide buns, sauces, salads and chat.

Summer Show and BBQ – Competition time.  Perfect those beans and talk to that pumpkin.  Prizes galore plus another chance to BBQ.

Halloween – possible date for the calendar 1 November – more later.

AGM – 2 or 3 December – venue to be decided.


If any of you have any other ideas for social events or indeed would like to run an event please contact someone on the committee.


March Workday

Again work continued on Plot 54 despite the torrential rain.  More barbed wire was removed meaning that the plot can now be accessed from all sides.  The shed totally disappeared and metal was removed to the main gate for collection.

General litter picking created two bags of rubbish, mainly bits of paper, old plant pots etc that had been sent flying by the wind.  However,  someone had left  a black bag full of household rubbish in the spent hops bin!  Please try to take your rubbish home as we have no way of removing it other than someone taking it home and putting it in their own bin or visiting the tip.

The next workday is 12 April and work will continue on plot 54.  We will also be cutting back the privet hedge at the Princess Road end of the site as this is now very high and shades the plots nearby.

February Work Day

Work on Plot 54 went well on the February work day with a number of people volunteering to help out.  The shed was emptied of a myriad of items, brambles cut and barbed wire fencing removed from the road side.  In the afternoon the wooden greenhouses were attacked and one dismantled.  Work on this plot will continue throughout the year as there is a lot to do.

If you are not able to attend the workday, the jobs we will be concentrating on will be posted on the notice board by the tea shop and also on the plot fence next to the apiary.  Please feel free to carry on with any jobs posted up there.

Our next work day is scheduled for 8 March (the 2nd Sunday of each month).

Dandelion Time (sent in by Anon…)

A plague on your daffodils, Mr Wordsworth.

Granted, daffodils look very fine – harbinger of spring and such,

But they just stand about admiring themselves

or head-tossing and fluttering in a freezing gale, 

and you can buy a pot in any corner shop.


The trouble with daffodils is that they turn up

at such a miserable time of the year – snow, ice, fog etc –

season of flu and fruity cold-full-ness.

As a countryman you should have written a poem about

“a crowd, a host of…dandelions


Dandelion time is another packet of seeds;

A few sunny days in April, a shower or two,

there’s blossom on the trees, and birds singing,

And before you can say, “Taraxacum officinale”

Your garden is knee deep in dandelions.


Dandelions are tough and stubborn,

deep-rooted and hard to shift.

Pick a fight with a dandelion and you’ll lose.

Dig them up, throw them away or burn them

and next year they’re blooming, bigger than ever.


Call them all the rude names you can find:-

Cankerwort, Clock Flower, Irish Daisy, Lion’s Tooth, Milk Witch, Monk’s Head,

Piss-a-bed, Priest’s Crown, Puffball, Swine Snout-

They’ll just parachute off to your favourite flower bed.

Much better to call a truce.


You can’t eat daffodils but as for dandelions

you can use them to make delicious wine

or eat them raw in tasty salads.

They also contain a whole pharmacy of medical ingredients –

enough to cure an entire infirmary of ailments. 


If you’re not sure of the time, or the state of your love life,

or wish to send a message to your friend,

or hope to have a wish come true, or are anxious

to discover the age at which you will die,

just blow on a dandelion clock.


So, dear, misguided Mr Wordsworth;

If you want a flower that’s bright and bonny,

Painted by the artist, Monet,

Then choose a plant you can rely on, Go dancing with the dandelion.